Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Coolhunt #1: Follow-Up

In completing Monday's coolhunt #1, we sent email to half a dozen business and technology journalists at The New York Times to inform them they were coolhunted and what we discussed. Here are the six journalists we pitched:

Saul Hansell - Technology
Bob Tedeschi - Ecommerce
John Schwartz - Internet Business
Connie Hays - Retail Ecommerce
Kevin McKenna - Circuits Editor
John Markoff - we are not worthy

We received a personal reply from one of the journalists who took issue with some of the statements from our Log. We hope he'll decide to post publicly here, so we can engage a little on those issues.

We also posted a comment to the TreeHugger Business & Politics blog, thus completing our mission of 1 site review, 1 post, 1 comment, and 1 connection. Our comment on TreeHugger was not only approved, but is featured today on the front page of the Business & Politics blog.

Coolhunt Moderator

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