Friday, July 12, 2013

Is Zimmerman guilty?

.... that's what the Twittersphere seems to think. The process in Florida, whether George Zimmerman killed teenager Trayvon Martin in cold blood is now resting with the jury. I quickly checked the Twittersphere through Condor Coolhunting, searching the most recent 2000 retweets for both "zimmerman guilty" and "zimmerman innocent". Drawing the retweet network leads to the following picture:

The size of each red circle denotes the number of followers of each twitterer, the connecting line between two circles A and B means B retweeting A. Looking at the betweenness of the circles tells that the guilty tweets carry a higher weight (0.74) compared to the innocent tweets (0.69), which means that the "guilty" tweets are retweeted more, and by more influential twitterers. The question now is: do the 6 jury members come to the same conclusion as the tweeting crowd?