Thursday, November 15, 2018

Why Donald Trump is No Leader

There are many ways to identify exemplary leaders. One of my preferred categorizations comes from here. It lists humility, curiosity, and empathy as the main criteria of successful leadership. I am afraid that on all three criteria Donald Trump scores zero:

Humility means that exemplary leaders treat everybody with respect, are not afraid of criticism and are willing to admit their own mistakes. They are willing to put their own ego into the background for the sake of others. Donald Trump stands for the opposite, as an egomaniac person who is obsessed with his own power and glory.

Curiosity means that a leader is constantly looking to further his own understanding, is willing to defer to the knowledge of others, and thirsty for new information. One of the first actions of Donald Trump was to cut funding in research, denying scientific facts about vaccination and climate change, showing zero scientific curiosity.

Empathy means that we treat others with compassion, try to understand what is going on inside their own minds, try not to hurt their feelings, and try to be not just nice, but also kind. Trump’s easy hiring and firing of allies, and not liking losers like John McCain who was tortured as a prisoner of war, sadly demonstrates utter lack of empathy.

So, sorry, Mr Trump, you are not a leader. But perhaps I am just living in an alternative reality and everything in reality (TV) is totally different!

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