Saturday, October 05, 2013

Analyzing Psychological Concepts on Twitter and the Web

by Ernesto Strazza

This post is based on a class project done for the 2013 COINs Seminar

What do the Web and Twitter tell us about mental conditions and problems? How are the basic ideas related, and what is their context?  What are some key institutions and organizations? 

The results shows that "self esteem" and "depression" tend to be away from each other. Causes and effects of related mental conditions seem to be closer to "depression" and isolated from "self esteem." With the addition of the concept "drug", the relation between "self esteem" and "depression" becomes stronger and more connected. 

The second part of the study shows that  "fame" increases the influence of the concepts "drug" and "self esteem."

- Find relations  and interaction between psychological concepts and conditions.
- Discover how  those concepts relate (link) and aggregate on the Web.
- Which associations and institutions articulate the relationships between those conditions.
- How do their significance and context generate successive connections and new relations.
- Find impressions about the same concepts from Twitter users, interpreting their emotional response.

1. Do background research to find basic definitions and associations.
2. Use Condor to identify common causal and effect relationships.
3. Use Condor to fetch Web: concepts, links and aggregations.
4. Use Condor to fetch Twitter concepts and relationships.

Formal word definitions.

C.3 Web Analysis. Static View. comparing: depression, self-esteem. Node size by Betweenness – Centrality.

C.3 Web Analysis, Word Cloud: depression, self-esteem, New words which are related: suicide, mental health.

C.3 Web Analysis. Static View. comparing: depression, self-esteem. Concepts appear through connectors: mental health, suicide, drug abuse.

C.3 Web Analysis. because of occurrence new words added in analysis: depression, self-esteem, suicide, drug use (abuse). Node size by Betweenness – Centrality. 

C.3 Web Analysis. Word Cloud: depression, self-esteem.
New words which are related: drugs, mental health, celebs.

C.3 Web Analysis. Static View. Node size by Betweenness – Centrality: depression, self-esteem, suicide, drugs, mental health.

C.3 Web Analysis. Word Cloud: depression, self-esteem, suicide, drugs, mental. New word to appear: fame

C.3 Web Analysis. Static View depression. Node size by Betweenness – Centrality. Which connectors articulate the concepts self-esteem, fame, suicide, drugs, mental 

C.3 Web Analysis. Betweenness – Centrality zones and proximities.

C.3 Twitter Analysis. Static View. Node size by Betweenness – Centrality.Word analysis response: depression, self-esteem, suicide, drugs, mental health.

C.3 Twitter Analysis. Node size by Betweenness – Centrality. Word Cloud View.
Word analysis response and association  to: depression, self-esteem, drugs, mental health, fame.

C.3 Twitter Analysis. Node size by Betweenness – Centrality. Word Cloud View.
Several words analysis.
Response to: depression, self-esteem, drugs, mental health, fame.
Appellative and emotional associations or relations to key words. 

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