Saturday, May 06, 2017

My 2 new books out: Swarm Leadership and Sociometrics

This week my 2 new books Swarm Leadership and Sociometrics were published by Emerald:

Swarm Leadership and the Collective Mind
Using Collaborative Innovation Networks to Build a Better Business
(from the book cover) The future of business is swarm business. Whether it’s at Uber, Airbnb, Tesla, or Apple, it’s not about being a fearlessleader, but about creating a swarm that works together in collective consciousness to build great things and generate success. In this pioneering guide, MIT researcher and entrepreneur Peter Gloor shows how you can take your business on a journey from homo competitivus to homo collaborensis, channeling the competitive energies of all of your stakeholders toward collaboration.
The journey starts with recruiting and assembling an intrinsically motivated group of early enthusiasts, the Collaborative Innovation Network. These teams combine the principles of social quantum physics to create collective consciousness: empathy which builds entanglement, and reflection which leads to refocus. Gloor then demonstrates how collaboration can be tracked and boosted using the six honest signals of collaboration, which will further increase the performance of the swarm. These fundamental concepts are illustrated with a wealth of examples from leading ventures–from household names like Uber to Fortune 500 high tech firms and healthcare organizations.
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Sociometrics and Human Relationships
Analyzing Social Networks to Manage Brands, Predict Trends, and Improve Organizational Performance 
Today we can use social media to not only find the next great restaurant but to address complex problems impacting society. Using a variety of tools and software, Sociometrics and Human Relationships provides an in-depth tutorial to analyzing social networks for practitioners and students with backgrounds in marketing, design, sociology, psychology, and the humanities. Employing these straightforward but powerful software tools, MIT researcher and entrepreneur Peter Gloor demonstrates how to gauge all types of online social networks such as Twitter, Wikipedia, Blogs, Facebook, as well as e-mail or Skype logs to predict election outcomes, perception and strength of brands, customer and employee satisfaction, and even fraudulent behavior. A targeted guide with step-by-step instructions, turning social buzz into business strategies by translating the latest academic research into practical techniques. Gloor provides a wealth of examples of how to apply social network analysis for prediction of trends and also illustrates how even email can improve organizational performance by optimizing communication and collaboration.
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