Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Wikihistory Applet Online

Thanks to a student team in the COINs14 spring course  (Michael Sidler , Simon Fluehmann, Yulia Schmitt, Yan Zheng, Nicolas Zehnder, Silvio Pirozzi) and Stefan Wagner from FHNW the Wikishistory functionality described in a previous blog post is now online as a Java Applet.

 In order for the applet to work, the Java security settings on the Mac/Windows have to be adjusted

The applet visualizes the World’s leaders trough the ages, visualized as a Wikipedia social network, with links between leaders when two leaders lived in the same period (say at 1000AD) and have a link to each other’s Wikipedia page.

A time slider allows the user to jump to a year, from 2000BC to 2000AD, in 10 year increments. Afterwards the leaders of that period are loaded, and their social network is constructed.

Try it out, the applet works best with Firefox

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