Saturday, October 06, 2012

How To Be an Efficient (Online) Networker

Recently I had an interview with journalist Christian Luescher for the Swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger. There we spoke about what one could do to be a more efficient networker, both in the online and in the real world. He invited me to write a short article (in German). Here is an extract from the article, listing the things one might do to Be an Efficient Online Networker

  • Sending many small e-mails is better than sending a few long ones
  • Responding quickly is good
  • The more quickly people respond to you, the better they like you

Personal networks
  • Bridge structural holes for business success
  • Build embeddedness for personal happiness

Group networks
  • Oscillating betweeness is an indicator of creativity
  • The more balanced the contribution index, the better is team performance
  • The more people start developing their own lingo, the more innovative they are
  • The faster average response time, the bigger team happiness

Facebook networks
  • Many friends is good
  • Spending a lot of time on Facebook is bad

LinkedIn networks
  • Having many friends is good
  • Having too many friends is bad
  • Having a lot of important friends (top university, lawyer, banker) is good

Twitter networks
  • The more followers you have, and the less you follow, the more important you are
  • The less you tweet and the more followers you have, the more important
  • The more you are retweeted, the more important you are

Klout score
  • Is meaningless, rewards information spreaders, not creators

Face-to-face networks
  • The more we trust others, the more creative we will be
  • The more we look others into the eyes, the more we trust them
  • The less others speak, the more we trust them

If you would like to know why, you will find many scientific papers at our project Web site describing how I got to these - admittedly oversimplified - recommendations.

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