Friday, March 20, 2009

Swarmcreativity Essentials Video on I-Open Education

Wednesday afternoon I had a visit by Betsey Merkel from I-Open Education, in its own words "...a community that shares best practices in collaborative leadership, networks and Strategic Doing to strengthen Open Source Economic Development". She did a really nice video interview that gives an overview in a nutshell of the principles of COINs and swarm creativity (you will need to register first).


  1. Peter: Thanks so much for your generous hospitality on my visit Wed. I enjoyed the time spent to chat, share delicious coffee and the opportunity to learn more about your insights through the lens of Open Source Economic Development. Thank you for your (collective "you") good work to strengthen transparency and the value it brings to innovation and creativity for future generations.
    This video post is the first of three, so please check back soon!

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  3. Here are additional links you can visit to learn from Peter Gloor's interview and transcription: Swarm Creativity: Working Together and Being Part of One World


    Livestream >go to On Demand>Innovating Networks>Swarm Creativity

    You Tube


    Near-Time (requires sign in)

  4. Wonderful article, very well explained.