Sunday, February 08, 2009

Predicting the results of today's Swiss vote on freedom of movement and residence

Today the Swiss voted about extension of the right of free movement and residence with the rest of the European Union. The vote was brought by the extension of the right of free movement and residence (Personenfreizügigkeit) to new EC member states Rumania and Bulgaria, which had previously been approved by the Swiss government. The right-wing people's party collected enough votes against it to ask for a referendum. The vote was today, and according to early polls it started looking good for the supporters of the right of freedom and movement. I wanted to know what the Web and Blog would predict, and here are the Coolhunting results:

on the Web:
Yes (Personenfreizügigkeit Annahme) 73%
No (Personenfreizügigkeit Ablehnung) 27%

on the Blogs:
Yes (Personenfreizügigkeit Annahme) 58%
No (Personenfreizügigkeit Ablehnung) 42%

By now (Feb 8, 4 pm), the final results are here, and the right on freedom on movement and residence (Personenfreizügigkeit) has been approved by the Swiss voters with a 59,6% yes vote - the same as the coolhunting predictions on the Web and Blog.


  1. Predictions were spot on! No surprise, but you always have to keep your on this kind of vote because anything can happen.

    "Don't worry be free."

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